Boat Building Timbers

We stock the following Boat building timbers


The classic external boatbuilding and marine timber. Also used internally for its attractive grain.

Sitka Spruce and Oregon

Both specially imported for masts and spars, lengths 5.4 to 6.0 metre.

Spotted Gum

One of the world’s toughest timbers. Excellent for keel and structural use where strength is critical.

White Beech

Classic boatbuilding timber for decking and also planking. A lovely non splintering timber for the barefoot classes.

Huon Pine

The wonderful Tasmanian boatbuilding timber. Also quite beautiful.

Queensland Maple

A fine cabinetmaking timber with good durability. Much used in Halvorsens cruisers.

Fijian Kauri Pine

Easy working, strong and durable. Fairly close in properties to the classic N.Z. Kauri.